Win-win. Find a new favorite restaurant. Pay just $5.

Whether you’re out of town, or in town, there’s always gonna be a restaurant that you haven’t tried. Go on–try a new one. For the next few days, discounted gift certificates from make it super-easy. On a normal day, gift certificates worth $25 are discounted to $10. But you can pick one up for $5, if you get it before Monday, January 12th.

The website seems to have a decent selection of restaurants, and the checkout process seems pretty easy: Find a restaurant by zip code or state. Buy your gift certificate with a credit card or PayPal. Print out the gift certificate and take it to the restaurant. Eat.

Use the discount code “DEAL” at checkout, and you’ll only be charged $5 for the $25 gift certificate. Granted, most places have a minimum charge of $35, so you’ll pay at least $15 between the difference in cost and the cost of the gift certificate. But it makes the risk of trying a new place go down a little easier, doesn’t it?