Upgraded to cockpit. That’s a new one.

What are the odds of being upgraded to cockpit, if a flight is overbooked? Not great, but I will keep hoping.

I read with envy the NY Times column of Greg Cohen, a corporate frequent flier, who got “upgraded” from business class to the cockpit jumpseat on a flight from Stockholm to Prague with Czech Air because it was overbooked.

He doesn’t mention when this occurred but something tells me it was a long, long time ago, before cockpits were supposed to be as secure as bank safe deposit rooms. It just couldn’t happen nowadays, could it?

I fly Czech Air all the time and this never happens to me. I even fly business class with Czech Air because their frequent flier program, OK Plus, allows for easy upgrades. But cockpit? Nobody has ever asked me to sit next to the pilot. How cool would that be? I would gladly skip the warm nuts and sparkling wine of business class for the view out of a cockpit.