Want your art in the Guggenheim? Here’s your chance!

The Guggenheim and YouTube have teamed up to find the world’s most artistic short videos.

YouTube Play is a contest for Youtube videos that show something truly inventive and different. No fan vids or farting dogs need apply. Two hundred finalists will be judged by a panel of art experts and culled down to 20 to 25 videos that will be shown in a special exhibition at the Guggenheim in New York City. It will be the first of a biennial competition.

This will attract a lot of creative entries, especially by video artists and animators. Wouldn’t it be nice if some of the finalists showed the wide world in all its glory? A good travel video such as this one of The Amber Fort in Rajasthan can hold its own against more consciously artistic works. Not only are there some beautiful shots, but the video subtly explores the relationship between heritage and tourism.

So get the cameras rolling and make a video that deserves to be shown in one of the world’s leading modern art museums. But hurry up, submissions close July 31!

Photo courtesy Enrique Cornejo via Wikimedia Commons.

Don’t buy the whole plane

There’s only one shopping day left until Christmas, and you’re in a bind. Like me, you haven’t done any shopping yet. Fortunately, unlike me, you have at least $100,000 to throw down on a present for your wife, girlfriend or both. So, don’t be greedy and hoard all that cash for yourself. Give a friend the great gift of fractional jet ownership. The Flexjet 25 Expert Guide Edition jet card offers access to a fleet of private planes and the opportunity to visit places where the normal people won’t be allowed to bother you.

This is a deal that you seriously don’t want to miss. Lay down your American Express Black card by the first of the year, and you will buy love for the 12 months that follow. For prices that start at $107,900, your friend or relative (Who are you kidding? You’ll buy it for yourself …) can get some art-buying help from Barbara Guggenheim or play get schooled by World Series of Poker bracelet winner Antonio Esfandiari. Culinary, golf and tennis programs are available, too.

Basically, this is your ticket to an absurd level of conspicuous consumption.