Dry your hands at 400 mph

It was about time somebody invented a hand dryer that actually dries hands and doesn’t just slowly blow air at them. I mean we have hair dryers powerful enough to take your scalp right off if you’re not careful. Then why are all those public bathroom hand dryers so flimsy?

As the latimes travel blog writes today, the airport bathroom is a glorified convention hall of international filth. “Some cultures don’t fret over toilet seat covers, some don’t sweat the use of scalding hot water to wash one’s hands, some don’t pay attention to dirty faucets and instead use their “clean hands” to turn off the spigots and then spread that bacteria to the handle and edges of the paper towel dispensers.” Lovely.

Fortunately, LAX is getting the A380 of hand dryers (without the ongoing pump problems, lets hope). The new Dyson Airblade hand driers are efficient, easy and hands-free. They use an ingenious blast of 400 mile-per-hour air to dry your hands. Since the air is not heated “it will not burn, and because the blast is so strong, one only needs to dip the drippy hands in for about 10 seconds, and voila, dry hands.”

[via LA Times blog]