10 NYC Happy Hours Where You Can Eat For Free

NYC happy hours that provide food for free were an essential survival tool for me when I was younger and in college in New York. Notoriously an expensive city, New York isn’t without its budget secrets. Happy hours that will feed you for free are among those secrets. Whether you’re visiting or living in New York, if you’re trying to make a little bit of money stretch while still having a good time, these 10 NYC happy hours that provide free food will help you to accomplish the seemingly impossible: to eat and drink incredibly cheaply in New York City.

1. Agozar, 324 Bowery
Buy a drink between 5 p.m.-8 p.m. and get free tapas.

2. The Charleston, 174 Bedford Ave. (Brooklyn)
Free personal pizza with a drink purchase between 12 p.m.-8 p.m.

3. Aurora Soho, 510 Broome St.
Puff pastries, flatbreads, tomato paste and cookies are put out between 5 p.m.-7 p.m.

4. Tarallucci E Vino, 15 E 18th St.
Snacks like quiche and pizza are put out for drinkers on weekdays between 4 p.m.-close.

5. Crocodile Lounge, 325 E 14th St.
Free personal pizza with the purchase of a drink.6. Levee, 212 Berry St. (Brooklyn)
Free cheese balls or Twizzlers available for drinkers upon request.

7. Yum Yum 3, 658 9th Ave.
Free appetizer with drink purchase between 4 p.m.-8 p.m. on weekdays.

8. Keen’s Steakhouse, 72 W 36th St.
Free snacks like Swedish meatballs, shrimp and wings at the bar between 5:30 p.m.-7 p.m.

9. The Watering Hole, 106 E 19th St.
Free food buffet between 5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m. on weekdays.

10. Darbar Grill, 157 E 55th St.
Free appetizers in the bar between 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

The 10 Best Travel Apps For Flight Attendants

Photo: PartyMonstrrr/Flickr

1. FAAWait – During a creeping weather delay a flight attendant who also works part time as an air traffic controller told me about FAAWait. It’s his favorite app. One click and we knew which airports across the country were also experiencing delays, how long the delays were averaging, and what had caused the delays.

2. MyRadar: Recently a fearful flier on board one of my flights spent three hours watching the weather light up his iPad screen: blue, green, red – wow, so much red! He knew exactly when to expect turbulence, how bad it might get, and how long it would last. Knowing this kept him calm. At one point he even turned around in his seat to let the crew know it would be smooth flying from here on out. Two seconds later the captain called to tell us the exact same thing, it was safe to get up and finish the service. Since then I’ve been recommending the app to anyone who mentions they’re afraid to fly.

3. WhatsApp: An Emirate’s flight attendant from Bosnia based in Saudi Arabia told me about this app on a flight from Miami to New York. WhatsApp makes it possible to send text messages to friends and family out of the country free of charge. There is virtually no cost to stay in touch with loved ones. You can even share audio and video messages.

4. Twitter: Still the best way to get breaking news! You don’t need to “get it.” Just learn how to use the hashtags to find information as it’s happening. For instance, not too long ago I was at an airport that was being evacuated and no one knew why. That was my cue to search the airport code – #DFW. That’s how I found out there was a bomb threat on an incoming flight. I learned this from passengers who were actually on board the flight and tweeting about it as they taxied to the gate.

5. HappyHourFinder: Flight attendants don’t make a lot of money. In fact new hires start out making less than $18,000 a year. And yet we’re subjected to overpriced hotel and airport food on a regular basis. This is why we take advantage of happy hour specials, particularly ones that include half priced appetizers, which might explain how I ended up at Vince Neil’s Bar, Tres Rios, in Las Vegas two hours after learning about the app in the crew van on our way from the airport to the layover hotel.6. Instagram: Because when you travel there are just so many beautiful things to photograph. The app not only makes your pictures look ten times better, it’s easy to text and email your photos or post photos straight to Facebook or Twitter. What I enjoy most about the app is following people whose photos inspire me to travel, like @Lax2Nrt or even @Umetaturou who shares hilarious pictures of a Border Collie named Sora who can balance anything on his head. One of these days I’m going to fly to Japan and walk that dog!

7. Postagram: Remember when you used to send postcards to family and friends from around the world just to let them know you were thinking about them? Now you’re too busy to think, let alone search for just the right card to send. Not to mention all that time it takes to address and stamp it. With Postagram you can turn your cool photos into postcards by using pictures from your phone, Facebook or Twitter. Write a short message and Postagram will take care of the rest.

8. Yelp: Whenever I find myself at a layover hotel in a new city, the first thing I do is pull up Yelp just to see what’s nearby. I might use it to find a great place to eat, check out a tourist attraction, or locate a pharmacy within walking distance. Users post reviews and photos to help narrow down the search so you can determine whether or not it’s worth it to leave your hotel room.

9. HotelTonight: If you’re a commuter like me, this app will save your life one day. At noon each day HotelTonight offers great last minute deals on a couple of hotels near your current location. Get a $25 credit with your first booking, $25 for each friend who signs up, and $25 when a friend makes their first bookings. So … who wants to be friends?

10. GateGuru: Enter an airport code and up pops everything you could ever want to know about food, shopping, and any services offered, along with reviews, ratings and maps. Enter your flight number and access flight status, delays and weather conditions all in the same place.

10 bars in new york city to get a spicy cocktail

Now that summer is over, light and fruity flavors are going out of season. With the Fall comes the smell of cinnamon, a chill in the air, and the need for some spice. So when the temperature goes down, head over to one of these 10 New York City bars to get your body temperature up with a spicy cocktail.

304 E. 6th St., East Village

Come here for the Stone Raft Cocktail, a mixture of Tequila, Mezcal, Amontillado Sherry, Agave Nectar, Celery Bitter, and of course, Jalapeños. This cocktail is guaranteed to make you sweat.

Barrio Chino
253 Broome St., Lower East Side

Habañero-lovers should come to this bar for two reasons. First, the Habañero-Infused Grapefruit Margarita which mixes Habañero-Infused Tequila with grapefruit juice and comes in a sugar-rimmed glass. Looking for something a little less sweet? They also have a Habañero-Infused Lime Margarita.

Death and Company
433 E. 6th St., East Village

This place has an two amazing cocktails that are sure to get your heart racing. For those who like their martinis shaken, try the Southern Exposure Cocktail, a mix of Jalapeño-Infused Chinaco Blanco Tequila, Sombra Mezcal, fresh squeezed lime juice, Petit Cane Syrup, fresh red pepper puree, and kosher salt. If you would rather have your martini stirred, opt for the Yama Blanca, which mixes Centinela Reposado Tequila, Jalapeño-Infused Chinaco Blanco Tequila, Blanc Vermouth, and Velvet Falernum.

Fatty Cue
91 S. 6th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Get the Smokin Bone! A blend of homemade smoked pineapple syrup, Bourbon, lime, a blend of chocolate bitters from Fee Brothers and Bittermans, and, the best part, Tabasco.

The Smith
55 Third Ave., East Village

The name of their heat-inducing concoction, Angry Apple, immediately brings to mind an image of Fall on fire. This fiery recipe mixes vodka, fresh apple, Jalapeño, apple liqueur, and lemon, for a sweet and spicy balance.

Dos Caminos
675 Hudson St., Meatpacking District

The Cosmo, a usually sweet and sugary drink, gets set on fire in the Cosmo Del Diablo, a mix of Skyy Vodka infused with five chiles, pineapple, and passion fruit.

33 Ave. B, Alphabet City

Most people love a good Margarita, but how about one with a kick to it? The Jalapeño Margarita here is a blend of Jalapeño-infused tequila, house-made sour mix, fresh lime, triple sec, and a splash of orange juice.

Rosa Mexicano
9 E. 18th St., Union Square

If you want something with just a bit of spice, try the Guayaba Limonada, made with Cruzan Guava Rum, lime juice, and a bit of Habañero-lime syrup. To kick it up a notch, opt for the En Fuego, a spicy mix of Cachaca (Brazilian rum), orange juice, lime juice, and shaken with diced Jalapeños. Ouch!

Prune Restaurant
54 E. 1st St., East Village

With their own special menu just for Bloody Mary’s, this restaurant can make your drink as hot as you like. The Southwest Bloody Mary uses Herradura Anejo Tequila, limes, and smoked chipotle peppers. Or, if you’re in the mood for more of a spicy barbeque flavor, order a Green Lake Bloody Mary, which blends Absolut Vokda, wasabi, and beef jerky.

10 bars in new york city that serve free food

Dining in New York can get pretty expensive, even when eating at cheaper restaurants. Use this list to help you navigate through New York and find some of the best free food that the city has to offer.

Dell’ Anima
38 8th Ave., West Village

Because aperitivo is such an important part of the culture in Italy, Dell’ Anima brings the tradition to New York by offering a free buffet of starters, such as grilled veggies, olives, and pastas, when you order a drink on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 4PM-6PM.

Rudy’s Bar and Grill
627 9th Ave., Hell’s Kitchen

This old-school bar not only has cheap beer and free hot dogs, but Rudy’s Bar and Grill also has a historical background, being one of the first bars in New York City to regain its liquor license after prohibition. In fact, the current owner, Jack, has been drinking here since 1943.

Crocodile Lounge
353 E. 14th St., East Village

A free personal pizza with every drink purchase at the Crocodile Lounge. And if you needed another reason to check it out, there is skeeball as well as a back patio.

Spring Lounge
48 Spring St., Nolita

Every Wednesday at the Spring Lounge from 5PM on, bar-goers can enjoy free hot dogs battered in a different beer each week. Hungover on Sunday morning? This bar serves free bagels from 12PM on.

Ballaro Cafe Prosciutteria
77 2nd Ave., East Village

Ballaro Cafe Prosciutteria is a rustic wine bar that hosts an aperitivo from 6PM-8PM each night. Diners who order a glass of wine or a pint of beer receive a complimentary spread of starters such as olives, cheeses, cured meats, and bruschetta.

Cucina di Pesce
87 E. 4th St., East Village

A contemporary Italian restaurant, Cucina di Pesce offers free mussels at the bar. This is very convenient at night when it gets busy and you want to order a drink while you wait for a table. They also have a buy one, get one free promotion on drinks and appetizers everyday from 4PM-8PM.

Iron Horse
32 Cliff St., Financial District

Come into the Iron Horse on Sundays from 12PM-10PM for free burgers and hot dogs with every drink purchase over $3. Want more than one? Simply order another drink.

The Cupping Room Cafe
359 W. Broadway, Soho

For those who love pub grub (chicken wings, anyone?), head over to the Cupping Room Cafe from 5PM-7:30PM, Monday-Friday, for free bar food.

Burp Castle
41 E. 7th St., East Village

Every Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday, Burp Castle offers customers free pommes frites around 6PM until they run out. While French fries may not sound that exciting, these are not just any fries. Burp Castle orders them from Pommes Frites specifically, as they make authentic Belgium-style fries. Get there before they run out.

Mullane’s Bar & Grill
71 Lafayette Ave., Fort Greene, Brooklyn

When it comes to free bar food, Mullane’s Bar & Grill doesn’t mess around. Weekdays from 4PM-7PM bar-goers can enjoy a free buffet. While the fare changes weekly, expect items such as lasagna, quesadillas, French fries, meatloaf, and more.

Gadling and Nomading Film Fest’s happy hour by the numbers

We’re just starting to emerge from the haze of this weekend’s happy hour thrown in Brooklyn, New York in celebration of the collaboration between Gadling and the Nomading Film Festival. Set against the backdrop of a sunset peering into DUMBO’s fabulous bar Superfine, the happy hour was a strong, six hours of merrymaking, networking, jostling and drinking, an excellent opportunity to pull together every friend and colleague that we had in the city and buy them a drink in gratitude. We’ll do it again soon, and if you didn’t make it this time we hope that you can join us the next. Here’s how it all came together:

(100): Number of confirmed guests
(200): Number of drink tickets distributed
(43): Number of drink tickets inappropriately used by purchasing shots of tequila, fries or drinks for visiting Irish backpackers.
(386): Number of photos taken of the event by Gadling and NoFF staff
(6): Usable pictures due to poor composition, focus or inability to stand still for a shot
(5): Gadling staff members present
(4): NoFF staff members present
(8): Number of pool games (and subsequent bets) postured between Gadling and NoFF staff
(0): Number of games (and subsequent bets) won by Gadling
(2): Favorite Frommer’s editors in attendance
(1): New York Times Travel editors in attendance
(762): Aggregate pitches heard by travel editors in attendance
(72): Days until the Nomading Film Festival
(71): Days until the Gadling team has recovered well enough to be able to drink with the NoFF boys again.

Cheers to everyone who made it out. Click through the gallery below to pick through some of the attendees.