Gadling and Nomading Film Fest’s happy hour by the numbers

We’re just starting to emerge from the haze of this weekend’s happy hour thrown in Brooklyn, New York in celebration of the collaboration between Gadling and the Nomading Film Festival. Set against the backdrop of a sunset peering into DUMBO’s fabulous bar Superfine, the happy hour was a strong, six hours of merrymaking, networking, jostling and drinking, an excellent opportunity to pull together every friend and colleague that we had in the city and buy them a drink in gratitude. We’ll do it again soon, and if you didn’t make it this time we hope that you can join us the next. Here’s how it all came together:

(100): Number of confirmed guests
(200): Number of drink tickets distributed
(43): Number of drink tickets inappropriately used by purchasing shots of tequila, fries or drinks for visiting Irish backpackers.
(386): Number of photos taken of the event by Gadling and NoFF staff
(6): Usable pictures due to poor composition, focus or inability to stand still for a shot
(5): Gadling staff members present
(4): NoFF staff members present
(8): Number of pool games (and subsequent bets) postured between Gadling and NoFF staff
(0): Number of games (and subsequent bets) won by Gadling
(2): Favorite Frommer’s editors in attendance
(1): New York Times Travel editors in attendance
(762): Aggregate pitches heard by travel editors in attendance
(72): Days until the Nomading Film Festival
(71): Days until the Gadling team has recovered well enough to be able to drink with the NoFF boys again.

Cheers to everyone who made it out. Click through the gallery below to pick through some of the attendees.