Yacht + Helicopter = Skiing

Still mad that Europeans are greeting the New Year without snow, I think I’ve found an answer.

You can charter a boat called the Absinthe, to take you and 11 of your friends skiing in British Columbia. Billed as the world’s only yacht-based ski-lodge, this $36,000 per day (not including meals and fuel), 201-foot yacht will cruise you along the BC coast until you near an appropriate mountain. Then you’re fully equipped with skis and board their helicopter, which takes off from a heli-pad on the yacht, carries you up to the slopes with a ski-guide, and picks you up later.

And, if not all of your friends are skiers, they can take advantage of local hot springs, sea fishing, fly fishing, visits to Indian villages, kayaking, or a host of other activities offered from the yacht. Absinthe-drinking comes to mind.