Man bludgeoned to death in motorcycle gang war at Sydney airport

In a scene right out of a gangster movie, 2 motorcycle gangs started beating each other with poles and other heavy items at Sydney airport killing one gang member.

Police believe that when one gang exited their plane, they were “greeted” by members of a rival gang, who began to beat them with the metal poles that are used to keep passengers in line at the check in desk.

Onlookers describe watching in horror as gang members repeatedly smashed into the head of a man lying on the ground.

About 50 passengers witnessed the horror, which the police described as “a disgraceful act by a group of cowards”.

I’m pretty sure that this is not the kind of scene I’d appreciate if I was on my way to a nice vacation destination, and the sight of someone having his head smashed in would probably stick with me for a long, long time.