Book a stay at Hawaii’s Kona Village and get an $800 flight credit

Last week, while on Hawaii, I had the chance to wander over to Kona Village Resort and stroll through the grounds. I was pretty impressed by what I saw. While the resort is located right next to the Four Seasons, the feel (while still luxury) is totally different.

Rooms here are hale – thatched roof bungalows in various forms. In keeping with the barefoot, carefree style of the resort, the rooms don’t have tvs, radios, or even telephones. What they do offer is total seclusion, privacy and romance, as each bungalow has access to a beautiful black sand beach and its own hammock. Hotel staff communicates with guests via notes, and a coconut is used as a “do not disturb” symbol.

It’s the perfect spot for honeymooners to escape and relax, but they are also plenty of activities offered, like snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, whale watching, surfing and SCUBA diving. Rates for the hale start at $410 per night for two people, including breakfast and selected water sports.

Right now, Garden, Superior, or Deluxe rooms, which run about $700-$900 per night, qualify for a special fare deal. Book five nights in the room and receive $800 in flight credits. The room rate includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The fare credit is applied to the cost of the room.

Dive packages, romance packages, and family packages (book one hale and the second is 50% off) are also currently available.%Gallery-76818%


Skybus’s bankruptcy affects honeymoon plans 35 years in the making

Skybus is still making front page of Columbus’s newspaper. We’re still having the tail end of Skybus drama at my house. Two nights ago, my friend called telling me that he had received the e-mail from Skybus telling him his flight in May was no more and that there weren’t any refunds. My friend is out $300, I would guess, because he paid for the ticket back in September and rebooked it in October. Too bad he doesn’t have the $300 for a flight to Columbus on another airlines because those flights can be found. My husband was able to cancel the charge on our credit card for the cost of the ticket he booked for this August. Our problems are nothing compared to the folks who are out of a job without warning.

There is another Skybus story that really pulls on the old heartstrings. A Columbus couple who had been dating for 35 years and finally got married had planned to fly to California for their honeymoon. The couple are in their 70s. They haven’t flown in years because of the cost, but family bought them the Skybus tickets for a wedding present. This is a couple who decided to get married so he wouldn’t have to drive home at night. The wedding was the day after Skybus’ last flight so their honeymoon bit the dust until the groom’s sister sprung for the flight on United Airlines. The couple is now heading to San Diego next week. I hope they have good weather and a good flight.

The groom’s sister just happens to live in San Diego so they are staying with her. If United Airlines wanted to capitalize on this story, I’d think they could come up with something catchy. At least on a United Airlines flight they can get something to drink and a snack without paying extra–at least not yet.

What strange things have been found on planes?

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GADLING’S TAKE FIVE: Week of December 17

It has been a hectic day filled with holiday shuffle and travel and it has truly worn me out. I’m exhausted and with such a busy week I confess, even I missed out on some of these great plugs found here on Gadling. If your week was anything like mine be sure to check them out too.

5. Lots of Santas:
Ho, Ho, Ho… Considering the time of year and season it only makes perfect sense to feature this march of hundreds of thousands of Santas in Russia once more. I’m sure it was an awesome event for anyone visiting during the time.

4. Planespotting in Saint Martin:
Please give a warm round of sound to Justin Glow who makes his Gadling debut with this interesting post of how enjoyable it is to sit lazy with cocktails on St. Martin sand and well, watch the planes as they come fly very close to the ocean and far too close for my comfort zone.

3. The Austin Report Part 2: Bizarre Shopping:
Tis’ the season to be emptying your wallet and not look back. Looking for some gifts with character? Head to Austin with Neil as he points you to some neat shopping destinations around the Texas town.

2. Hanukkah in Honduras:

Spending the holidays abroad can be a blast, but depending on where you go it can also be a real hassle. Iva points us to a very nice read about an adventurous family spending Hanukkah in Honduras. I wouldn’t have put the two together, but I know little about menorah’s and what is done on each of the 8 days.

1. The Wandering Honeymooners:
Huggy, happy, honeymooners always bring a tear to my eye. I’m so envious right now. The Moran motto: “Get hitched. Hit the road.” I love it and love that Brendan and Sarah are sharing their beautiful matrimony on the road with all us single, lonely or simply travel deprived individuals.

Honeymoon Like a Celebrity

June fast approaches, and with
it, wedding season.  Traditionally, the planning of the wedding often falls to the bride, with the grooms handling
the honeymoons.

So, grooms, how’s the planning coming along?

Well, for those of you who may need a
little help, what about using the honeymoons your favourite celebrities enjoyed as your guide? has a list of the honeymoons of
famous couples
— some extravagant, some low-key.  For example, after the September 2005 wedding of Demi Moore
and Ashton Kutcher, the couple headed to Europe to start their new married life together.  Britney Spears and Kevin
Federline went almost as far away as you could go from Louisiana, to the islands of Fiji.  And Madonna and Guy
Ritchie?  They went on the down-low, and opting merely to stay at the home of Sting and Trudie Styler.  Okay,
Sting’s home is actually a castle, so I’m guessing Madonna and Guy got lots of alone time, by just staying in one

The article’s definitely worth a look.  Who knows — maybe
you and your bride won’t be the only famous couple at your honeymoon resort!