I Wish I Had: A Sun-brella

We love the beach, so we head there a lot. However, I tremble in fear when I see some of the old, leathery grandmas strutting down the beach. Will my skin look like beef jerky one day, too? To combat that, we always slather on the sunscreen and only stay for a short time. However, if we had a Sun-brella, we could probably stay a little longer — and have a lot more fun! I wish I had one!

The adjustable Sun-brella features a solar-powered sun-shielding canopy that can power small appliances (like a portable radio, or a Wavebox) and the small fan that comes with the Sun-brella. It’s glamping — for the beach!

Sounds great! So what’s the catch? Sadly, the Sun-brella is still in the design stages and won’t be available for a while. However, when it’s ready, I’ll be sure to pick one up!