Nothing Says iGlove You Like This Gift

So the gift you bought a loved one didn’t go over well? Maybe this will be, er, more warmly received.

iPod lovers are rejoicing at Marmot’s new iGlove gloves and glove liners. Not only do they keep your hands warm and dry, but touch pads on the fingers of these glove liners allow you to operate your iPod click-wheel, without completely exposing your hands every time you want to skip past that last summer’s hit tune, which is not as appropriate to listen to while on the slopes.

The patent-pending fabric lets the electrical charge from your finger pass through the liner. And, of course, the liners work with any glove, or can be used on their own.

Not that some of us will be enjoying much skiing this year (there’s no snow in Europe!), but it’s good to know that somebody figured out how to make winter sports more compatable with the iPod.