Man smuggles iguanas in fake leg

I never get tired of people’s inventions when it comes to smuggling stuff across the border. Take Jereme James, a 34-year old Californian man, who tried to smuggle iguanas into the US inside his prosthetic leg.

James was caught and convicted on two counts of smuggling and possessing endangered animals. He allegedly stole three baby Fiji Island banded iguanas from an ecological preserve while on a trip to the South Pacific islands in 2002 and smuggled them by concealing them in the compartment of a prosthetic leg. The iguanas are threatened with extinction because of habitat loss and are considered an endangered species, AFP reports.

OK, so things didn’t work out so well for the iguana smuggler who now faces jail. But, how many people actually get away with stuff like that all the time? How many have I been on a plane with?