Alleged flasher sues water park after arrest

Jane Lovett’s wet t-shirt aroused water park officials to take action last April. She was asked to leave the park because her padded bra was visible through the t-shirt (the horror!), and once she did leave, the cops were waiting. Apparently, she has been charged with indecent exposure, which would put every sunbather on Central Park‘s Great Lawn at risk of facing a firing squad (padded bras are not the norm there, I assure you … husbands, don’t bring your wives).

Here’s the way the arrest went down:

Lovett said she accompanied her husband and seven-year-old son to the water park. Outside the gates, she said a police officer asked for her identification. Tavares police claim Lovett didn’t give her name fast enough, WFTV reported. She was picked up on charges of obstruction of justice and resisting arrest without violence.

The charges have since been dropped, though the alleged indecency cost her five hours in jail and $1,500 in fines.

Lovett isn’t taking the experience lying down. She’s picked up a lawyer and plans to sue for “violation of civil rights, false arrest and malicious prosecution,” according to MSNBC.

[photo by bonez1255 via Flickr]

Model’s boyfriend puts the “bang” in Bangalore

It always starts with a drunken model. Always. Cover girl Sarah Hannon was beyond furious when awaking to find her boyfriend, Daniel Melia, engaged in a “sex act” with the woman next to him. It sounds like he had a middle seat and liked it!

Hannon fell asleep on a nine-hour flight from Bangalore to London, as anyone would hope to do on such a long flight. Oh, and having bent elbows with boyfriend certainly helped. Melia’s libido, however, resisted the powers of both fatigue and alcohol, and next seat neighbor, Clare Irby, was happy to help him out.

The alleged performance occurred under a blanket, and Melia and Irby thought nobody was the wiser … until a flight attendant stopped them, impeding pleasure and likely ending a show for many passengers bored with the in-flight movie. This is when Hannon woke up and Hannon started screaming.

The model was furious and had to be calmed by the flight crew. When Kingfisher Airlines Flight IT001 touched down at Heathrow, police boarded the plane and arrested all three. Melia and Irby were pinched for alleged indecency, while Hannon was nabbed for being drunk on an aircraft. All three made bail.

The local cops had little to say but got it right: “They certainly put the bang into Bangalore.”


Pilots arrested for public intoxication and “mooning”

Two Trans States Airline pilots recently got arrested for being drunk and indecent in public. Trans States Airlines is regional feeder airline for United Airlines, US Airways, and American Airlines.

The “mooner” Jeffrey Leon Saltis, and his co-pilot Michael Cody Etzel, were arrested after being belligerent in a Mexican restaurant in Alcoa, where they were refused more alcohol. Both were detained and the airline for which they were to fly was informed; the airline is investigating what happened. There are no further updates yet.

There are two counts on which this story is just pathetic:
1) The two pilots arrested for public intoxication had flights the next morning. I’m assuming that there is some form of breath test for pilots before they fly? The rule is that they cannot consume alcohol 8 hours before flying, but how can that be checked? And, if you had a lot to drink, 8 hours later you’d still be hungover — that’s no better than being drunk. A scary thought, eh?

2) The pilot who pulled his pants down and “mooned” motorists on the highway is 43 years old! I really want to believe that men reach a wonderful level of maturity post 40 (if not post 35), but that notion keeps getting axed.

Oh well. I suppose I could live if the airlines just sorted out the way they dealt with the imbeciles they have in important positions.

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