Pilots arrested for public intoxication and “mooning”

Two Trans States Airline pilots recently got arrested for being drunk and indecent in public. Trans States Airlines is regional feeder airline for United Airlines, US Airways, and American Airlines.

The “mooner” Jeffrey Leon Saltis, and his co-pilot Michael Cody Etzel, were arrested after being belligerent in a Mexican restaurant in Alcoa, where they were refused more alcohol. Both were detained and the airline for which they were to fly was informed; the airline is investigating what happened. There are no further updates yet.

There are two counts on which this story is just pathetic:
1) The two pilots arrested for public intoxication had flights the next morning. I’m assuming that there is some form of breath test for pilots before they fly? The rule is that they cannot consume alcohol 8 hours before flying, but how can that be checked? And, if you had a lot to drink, 8 hours later you’d still be hungover — that’s no better than being drunk. A scary thought, eh?

2) The pilot who pulled his pants down and “mooned” motorists on the highway is 43 years old! I really want to believe that men reach a wonderful level of maturity post 40 (if not post 35), but that notion keeps getting axed.

Oh well. I suppose I could live if the airlines just sorted out the way they dealt with the imbeciles they have in important positions.

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