Follow Andrew Evans and Intelligent Travel on an adventure around the world

Our good friend and writer-at-large Andrew Evans is on the road with National Geographic for the next few months, writing, video blogging and tweeting his adventure around the planet.

As part of his engagement with readers he’s leaving clues and tidbitds about his journey scattered across the interwebs, like tiny bread crumbs of travel fodder for his faithful fans to gobble up. Our favorite so far? From @wheresandrew:

My take on #Vegemite: If “oil spill” was an artisanal cheese.

Check out one of the opening videos from his journey below. You can follow the rest over at Intelligent Travel or on the Twitters.

Gadlinks for 1.6.2010

Looking for more nuggets to satisfy your hunger for travel news and information? Check out some of these links from around the internets.

  • National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel Blog team found this one, but I had to pass it on. Check out Fun with TSA for a list of “travel safe activities” that you can still do on a plane, even in that last hour of flight. Some in-flight college courses anyone? [via Intelligent Travel]

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Michigan travel: Great destinations for a good cause

With Michigan’s economic news sounding about as grim as economic news can sound, Sarah Aldrich has written an ode to seven of Michigan’s small towns. Her recent post at Intelligent Travel captures the essence of each of the towns she adores. Reading Adrich’s missive reminded me of various friends of mine who have vacationed on Michigan’s shores. Everyone of them came back with stories about a wonderful time.

Although Aldrich was “reluctant to share” details about each of the towns she loves for fear that they might become overrun if they became too popular, she decided that Michigan might need a morale boost more than her need to keep these destinations just as they are. Tourist dollars talk. In a way, going to Michigan is do good travel. Your presence at an attraction, an eatery or a hotel puts dollars where they’re needed.

I’ve spent a few tourist dollars in Michigan myself. I’d recommend Greenfield Village and the adjacent Henry Ford Museum to anyone. Both are top notch attractions and well worth whatever money you have to spend. Staying in a hotel in Dearfield easily fits into a budget vacation.

If small towns aren’t appealing, another friend of mine just returned from Detroit and was pleasantly surprised by his experience and what the city had to offer. Even if you are only in Detroit for a few hours on a layover, consider taking a foray outside the airport to take in a smidgen of Michigan’s offerings. Grant has suggestions for what you might do and how to do it..

The message is: “Go to Michigan. The state needs you.” Aldrich would be ever so pleased if you did.

[The photo by daBinsi is of the Point Bessie Lighthouse in Frankfort, Michigan.]

Peeps contests: The world through marshmallow bunnies and chicks

Perhaps you’ve browsed through the “Peeps in Places” photo contest entries at Intelligent Travel. People have been snapping pictures of marsmallow chicks and bunnies in a variety of spots for a chance to win a Lenox China Peep or other Peeps related prizes. [Click here for larger view of Caesar Peep by citizenkafka.]

Along with being a cool idea–wish we’d thought of it–watching the slide show is a lesson in landmarks, interesting angles, and people’s cleverness. The deadline has been extended until Monday if you get some inspiration and manage not to eat all of your Peeps before you pull out your camera.

Intelligent Travel’s Peeps contest isn’t the only one. The Washington Post runs the Peeps Diorama Contest where Peeps are featured in a variety of 3-D ways.

This contest asked entries to be related to an event or concept from the past, present or future. Last year’s winner was inspired by a trip to an Egyptian exhibit. Out of last year’s 800 entries, 37 were used in this slideshow. Clicking through it is like clicking through popular and high brow culture and news stories. The Andy Warhol inspired one reminded me of the Warhol exhibit I saw three times at the Wexner Center from last August to this past February.

This year’s winner, just up today, was inspired by Edward Hopper’s painting Nighthawks. You’ll recognize the similarity as soon as you see it. Here’s the link to this year’s Peeps Show.

The Chicago Tribune also had a Peeps contest. The “Peeps on Parade” winner this year happens to be from Columbus, Ohio. Randy Rowe paid tribute to the 70th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz with “Wizard of Peeps.” Click here for the slideshow of the entry. Yes, you can dress up Peeps to look like Dorothy and her pals.

This contest was similar to the Washington Post contest, although the results are very different. If you look through all of this year’s entries you’ll recognize some of the top news stories.

For the first time, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review got in on the Peeps action. For their first annual contest, people were asked to create a shoebox sized scene that tied into popular culture, history or the movies. This year’s winner S’Mores Motel is a clever nod to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. A couple of these entries made me laugh. Click here for the slideshow.

This morning my kids found Peeps in their Easter basket. My mind is working overtime. There’s months to come up with something good for next year. I do have an idea for Intelligent Travel’s contest though. Maybe I’ll get an entry in under the wire.

If you’re going to be traveling this year, take Peeps along with you. They’re light, and they can’t possibly melt, although they might squish a bit. Put one in a margerine tub for safe keeping and have some fun at a famous landmark. Maybe you’ll be next year’s winner, but expect some competion from yours truly.

Happy Holi: Another version of India than Slumdog Millionaire’s

As the big win of Slumdog Millionaire has moved out of the top story category, here’s another version of India, one that I experienced, but without all the choreography and singing. Today is Holi, a holiday celebrating the triumph of good over evil. I forgot about it until being reminded by this Intelligent Travel post. Here’s a happy Holi experience for you.

If you watched Season 13 of the Amazing Race, you may remember part of it occurred during Holi. Some of the team members were totally covered in powder. If you have blond hair, good luck getting out the green. When we went to a Holi celebration, one of my daughter’s friends, a fair-haired, fair-skinned girl, looked like she was related to Shrek for about three days.