Submit Your Photo to JPG Mag

It’s possible you’ve never heard of JPG Magazine, although I’ve blogged about it a few times here. But it is worth a look, if you are into photography. The idea is simple: they take digital submissions from digital cameras from anyone, and the photos loosely relate to a particular theme. They select the best pictures and then publish them on paper (you know, made of atoms) which takes the form of a very pretty, glossy, solid, nice to the touch magazine. I have submitted to a few issues, though only one was accepted. But even with the whiff of sadness I feel for being rejected, I still always check out what’s coming up with the JPG folks. What’s coming up now is their newest issue, for which they are soliciting photos. The topic this time around is "Oops" in other words, as they put it: "Sometimes the best shots are accidents. They come from the moment your finger slips, your settings are wrong, you shoot into the sun, or your model sneezes. The results are more about serendipity than technique, and they can surprise even the most accomplished photographer. The theme for Issue 6 is "Oops!" to celebrate these happy accidents."

So get snapping and send in your best accident.