South Korea’s customs first to use cloned sniffer dogs

All the smugglers out there should be very, very scared. South Korea has managed to clone their best sniffer dog and got seven cloned puppies.

The puppies have been created using cells taken from a labrador sniffer dog considered by customs officials to be “their best,” BBC reports. The puppies were born last year after the country’s customs service paid a biotechnology company to reproduce a Canadian Labrador Retriever.

All puppies are apparently already showing the same high level of skill as the original dog. Only about 30% of naturally-born sniffer dogs make the grade, but South Korean scientists believe that could rise to 90% using the cloning method. The puppies were born to three surrogate mothers after scientists used the nuclei of somatic cells from a sniffer dog called Chase. Puppies should report for duty in June after completing a second round of training.

Glad to know that all the brain power that has gone into cloning will be used to make the life of customs officials easier (she said facetiously).