Video of the Day: Splitscreen: A Love Story

Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, there’s no escaping the amorous feelings in the air today. We might as well make a contribution with today’s Video of the Day. This short film, released last summer, celebrates transcontinental love: two sets of eyes, one in New York and one in Paris, passing days with similar experiences until the moment the eyes unite (reunite?) on London‘s Golden Jubilee Bridge. Cue single tear. The video will undoubtedly tug on the heartstrings of anyone who has ever attempted a long distance relationship… or at the very least make you want to visit the three cities.

Splitscreen earned the top spot in last year’s Nokia Shorts 2011 competition, which armed a select group of filmmakers with the Nokia N8 phone and a $5,000 budget. The film was shot entirely on the N8 by a team led by filmmaker James W. Griffiths, beating out seven competitors for the top prize. They do say that love conquers all.

Groom arrives at Corpus Christi Airport to a surprise wedding — his own

Cinnabon-tinged air. Mumbled overhead announcements. And a few hundred weary strangers by your side.

Now that’s romantic.

But that’s probably what Robyn Moore must’ve gotten when she arranged an impromptu wedding for her fiance, William Acosta, at the Corpus Christi International Airport.

He arrived on his flight from Toledo, Ohio, wearing jeans and a sweater, and clutching his carry-on bags. She greeted him, wearing a wedding gown and accessorized by a justice of the peace.

They said their “I do”s right there in the terminal, surrounded by some family and the travelers who were nearby. Official photos were taken near the Christmas tree at a security checkpoint.

The two had already picked up a marriage license last week, with the idea of getting married before the end of the year — except they didn’t know where or when.

Why an airport? They had been dating long distance between Texas and Ohio for a year and a half. Moore figured an airport wedding was appropriate, considering they had spent so much time during their relationship in airports.