3 easy steps to getting a black eye in Athens

  1. Drink a little too much (mixing Mythos beer with ouzo is highly recommended)
  2. Get a little cheeky with strangers
  3. Tell a random local man he should drive that “piece of junk car” a little slower

As I mentioned before, I am in Greece with a bunch of friends this week. It was supposed to be a chilled-out, long weekend with great food and a little sightseeing, yet it somehow all went “pear-shaped”, as one of my friends likes to say it.

Three of the (drunk) men we are with got beat up by a big (sober) dude who overreacted to a silly drunken comment and–horror of horrors–an assault on his car. Long story short, one of my friends now has a broken nose, 10 stitches in the face and looks like Frankenstein. Another one got his eardrum punctured. A third made it through the marathon with a bruised knee.

Needless to say, they haven’t done much sightseeing. Instead, they have spent the last couple of days doing a tour of the local hospitals…which, by the way, are not bad, should you ever need them. That’s all paying cash, too! X-rays cost some 14 Euro and antibiotics only about 11.

I am trying to think what the lesson here is. I guess it would be “do not underestimate the temper of strangers” with a disclaimer: “alcohol severely decreases the ability to fight back.”