Tip for women: confront men only while walking or driving

This is my fourth day in Colorado. So far, I have learned a few important things:

  1. It is not always as sunny as they say. (This is clearly bad luck on my part)
  2. Airport conveyor belts can be really cool and helpful
  3. Women should get into arguments with men only while walking or driving

The third point has nothing to do with my personal experience. I heard this tip on TV here on Friday. Some expert was talking about how to keep the married flame alive after 10+ years of marriage and one of her points was that men do not like face-to-face arguments. Apparently, they are much better at arguing when they can look straight ahead and not into your eyes. Hence the tip about approaching sensitive subjects while driving or walking. There you have it. glad I saved your marriage?

Now, please, do not attempt to get into Italian-style arguing while driving. Could be dangerous.