Photo of the day (7/3/08)

Flickr contributor Sgorainick submitted this photo for Gadling’s photo of the day. “Volcanos in the Mist” was taken in Indonesia. You can still see some of the sulfur belching from Mount Bromo in the distance. I’m sure it didn’t smell good, but who wouldn’t put up with a little sulfur smell to get a shot like this?

Way to go Sgorainick!

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Photo of the Day (04/14/08)

Here it is in all its bare, cold and smoking beauty. A volcanic version of Marlene Dietrich, taylor-made for black and white imagery: Mount Bromo in Java, Indonesia.

This stunning photo was shot by everything-everywhere a little after sunrise, while it was “very overcast and the clouds were very low in the caldera.”

A little after sunrise? Is that the trick to good pictures? Does one have to get up early to become a good photographer? What a downer.

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