GADLING’S TAKE FIVE: Week of April 8

It was an interesting week here at Gadling with two very notable moments here. First we reached our 10,000th post! (Come one everyone – Golf claps, por favor!) Then there was our “Official Honoree” award in the 2007 Webby Awards, but most importantly it was a week filled with fun, informative and interesting travel related posts. Let’s look back at a few you may have missed.

5. Pocketed Security Sock:
Anyone who has ever endured the discomfort of stashing their cash and values away in the very same shoe they’re using to tour the city has probably placed an order of at least a couple pairs of these Pocketed Security socks. Designed to protect your small valuables and provide peace of mind and a happier sole who wouldn’t want to own some of these? Sometimes that nifty money belt isn’t enough.

4. Whogoslavia Means Traveling With Kids:
While I don’t have children I found this plug particularly inspiring. For those who think kids will bring a complete halt to travel and a social life all together this is one to check out. Have the best of both worlds and take your children to as many places as you can afford or have the time and make them apart of your social life. It might be a small world at Disney World, but it is a big world outside of those theme parks. Tackle it together!

3. The Extreme List:
I’d like to think I’m a bit of an “Extremist,” but after looking at this list of extreme things to do on your vacation far off and away the truth is I’m more of a wimp. If you are ready to not only follow the off-the-beaten track trails and wish to speckle it with a bit of danger and daring feats try climbing, swimming, diving, biking, or hiking some of these spots.

2. A Canadian in Beijing: Walls and their Greatness:
Anyone following Ember Swift’s time spent in Beijing is probably green with envy. This week she has left us with a slew of dispatches from the Asian city on the changing of the leaves to bathroom squatting instructions to pics of her standing at the Great Wall and even her landing her first gig! All I can say to that is two words: Rock On!

1. “Naked Sushi” Arrives on the Shores of America:
Ever dream of picking your spicy tuna or hamachi off a beautiful naked woman’s body? Well you don’t have to go to Japan or join a gang for this one. Instead you can take a trip right over to Sunset Blvd in Hollywood and feast away. Like Neil, I think I’ll pass