Golfing in Greenland and other crazy courses

Could you imagine going to Greenland to Golf. Wait, scratch that. Can you imagine going to Greenland for any reason? Ok, that was mean of me, but what can I say — being a Canadian and subject to 10 months of winter, I tend to favour warm-weather destinations. But I digress.

Forbes Traveler recently listed their picks for the top 10 craziest golf courses, and, not surprisingly, Greenland’s World Ice Golf Tournament took the top spot. What else made the list?

  • North Star Golf Club, Alaska, where permafrost dominates the landscape.
  • Coober Pedy Opal Field Golf Club, Australia, where the desert course is basically one large sand trap.
  • Hans Merensky Golf Course, South Africa, where Elephants and zebras are frequently seen on the course. Don’t forget to yell ‘fore!’
  • And of course, Nullarbor Links, which spans 800 miles in the Australian outback.

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