Photo of the day (9.2.10)

Each year around American Labor Day, the elaborate costumes and street partying associated with pre-Lenten Mardi Gras or Carnival celebrations are taken outside in several cities too cold to parade in February. Brooklyn’s West Indian Day Parade is one of the largest in the world, drawing several million spectators, with a population of local West Indian residents to rival that of the Caribbean. This photo by Flickr user Luke Robinson taken at West London’s Notting Hill Carnival in England (the largest street festival in Europe) captures a father and son who look like they’ve enjoyed the revelry but might be ready to call it a day. With 20 miles of parading, music, and food to cover, it’s no wonder the little boy looks a bit tuckered out. I just hope that’s not a vuvuzela he’s carrying. Other Caribbean Carnival events take place throughout the US, Canada, and UK this fall.

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Notting Hill Gone Hollywood

Thanks to Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, the entire world now knows where Notting Hill is. Not so sure it is that great for Notting Hill…

During my recent trip to London, I went to Notting Hill and could not believe the number of tourists and shops that cater to them. The truth is that nowadays, Hugh would not be able to casually stroll on Portobello Road contemplating his love life because he could simply not make his way through the wall of tourists.

Notting Hill is still one of London’s most fun, hip, colorful neighborhood although its cost is pushing the eclectic types out. Here is a virtual tour. Try to avoid going over the weekend, no matter what the guide books tell you. Sure, the weekend Portobello Road market is nice, but unless you enjoy pre-Christmas shopping crowds, you won’t enjoy this either.