Interesting Global Gifts

These days is seems most people give rather dreary
gifts. Electronics are big and I can’t tell you how many Amazon gift certificates I’ve received over the last few
years. These are great, of course, because you get to choose what you want, but face it, a gift certificate is also a
bi boring, as gifts go (that does NOT mean I don’t want more gift certificates, though!) But if you’ve got a friend or
family member who you really want to surprise and please with an interesting gift, go and check out the site

The array of stuff here, sculpture, home decor, clothing,
ceramics and on and on, is mind-boggling, and can be a really great way to not only find some terrifically original
gifts, but it is also a way to give a little dough to some of the needy folks who make this stuff. The company’s mission statement says that much of
the money from purchases go to the artisans themselves, which is more than you can say for an MP3 player bought from
Amazon….that is, Again, your gift recipient may want that gift certificate, but you can’t gainsay the
good feeling you’ll get from buying a gift and helping someone far away .