Naked guy forces Albuquerque landing

Keith Wright, a New Yorker (damn!) felt restricted by more than just cramped airline seating today. On a flight from Charlotte to Los Angeles, he ditched his clothing and did not respond (vocally, at least) to flight attendant requests to put them back on. The mile-high nudist also wouldn’t accept the cover of a blanket.

As a result of Wright’s defiance, the US Airways flight was diverted to Albuquerque, where the passenger was met by federal authorities. According to the FBI, he’s now in federal custody, with a charge of interfering with flight crew members and attendants. Once Wright got off (the plane), the flight continued to its planned destination.

Every story has a moral: you’ll have no problem getting a blanket from a flight attendant if you strip.

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Vacation comfortably in (only) your own skin

Lost your shirt in the market? Thankfully, some destinations will provide service absent one. You won’t need shoes … or pants … either. Nude tourism is on the rise according to some estimates, and the industry is pegged at $400 million annually.

Ready to throw your vacation fund into the mix?

Packing, apparently, is easy. Maybe you’ll need some sandals or bring a book, and sun block is certainly in order. Once you get settled, strip down, step outside and join the fun. Most nude resorts have plenty of naked activities for you to enjoy.

When you think kink, Hedonism II is usually at the top of the list, but there are plenty of other resorts that cater to the nudies. Click here (CNN) to check a few of them out.

Want to hike in the nude? Don’t go to Switzerland. It’s now a no no.

In Switzerland shedding clothes and hitting the trail used to be fine and dandy. Nude hiking was allowed. Not any more. That fun has ended. In a move to protect children from seeing those body parts usually located in places where the sun doesn’t shine, the Swiss government has made a law, at least in the Appenzell Innerrhoden canton, that nude hiking isn’t allowed.

It sounds like this was a rush job, according to our pals over at Jaunted. From what I read, the Swiss rushed this law through before hiking season starts this year. Nude German hikers, in particular, have had a growing fondness for hiking in this pastoral region in nothing but a pair of good hiking boots. I can just picture the vote.

“Quick, quick, quick, the Germans are coming!” Germans have a history of nudism that dates way back when. There will be some pretty disappointed Germans with this year’s spring thaw, if they’re looking to go to Switzerland for unencumbered exercise.

There was a well known nudist who lived in Albuquerque when I lived there. He used to walk around town in skimpy shorts, slung low, or a Speedo bathing suit. The suit probably wasn’t his preference, but it kept him out of trouble. Maybe someone in Switzerland who wants to make some extra cash could set up a Speedo stand, or sell towels near hiking trails. Sarongs also work nicely in a pinch.

Naked hiker vows to keep hiking in the buff honoring Germany’s nudist roots

There are some people who are determined to not wear clothes in the great outdoors. There are the people who do naked rock climbing, people who hang out on a nude beach (or play volleyball in the buff on a beach like those I saw once in Greece), people who sky dive nude, dance in the nude, go on cruises in the nude, and, like this German guy I read about, people who prefer to hike in nothing but a good pair of shoes.

Even jail time is not dissuading this German fellow from his naked hiking habits, according this Reuters article. This fellow was put in jail for ten days for in the buff walkabouts, but has vowed that he will continue to hit the trails without clothes even though it is against the law. Perhaps he sees a double standard? Hiking in the nude breaks Germany’s indecency laws, although nude beaching it is okay in designated areas.

Interestingly, Germany has a German Nudist Association which is part of the German Sports Association. Nudism can be traced back to Germany as a way to be healthier, so the association fits the idea of fitness. This membership has created an increase in nude hiking love. Nude jogging also has a following, but loping along in just socks and running shoes also lands a fine.

In a way, one could say that if there are nude beaches there could be nude forests and nude mountains for those who like to scale cliffs. Whatever they do, I hope they’re using a decent sunscreen.

Naked sunbathing creating a stir in San Diego, but still okay

Just last week a judge ruled that sunbathing in the nude at San Onofre State Beach in San Diego is still allowed.

Earlier this summer there was a brouhaha because the California Department of Parks and Recreation wanted to ban nude sunbathing, even though beaching it in the buff has been allowed here for decades.

The parks and recreation department said that some sunbathers were being lewd near Trail 6. Sunbathers who just sun themselves and frolic in their birthday suits felt that the ban was uncalled for since most behave themselves.

According to this article at San Diego 6 News, the judge has ruled that the people who will be cited for being without their clothes are only those that someone in the public complains about–otherwise, sans clothes is fine–for now.

Considering that there are many public beaches from which to choose in California, it seems that if people don’t want to see people sunbathe in the nude, go somewhere else–or if you do go here, stay away from Trail 6.