‘Tarragona’ Takes You Away

Performing in its last week at New York’s WorkShop Theater Company is a comedy called “Tarragona.” It’s a play about a confined office worker’s transformation after being drawn to a new lover and subsequently discovering the freedom that traveling offers.
It’s a cross between “Eat, Pray, Love” and “There’s Something About Mary” and with tickets just $18, it’s something you shouldn’t miss if you’re in New York this week.
We were convinced the moment we watched the trailer:

As if the talented cast and witty dialogue wasn’t enough, after the show the actors, writer and director invited the audience to join them for an on-stage party as a fund raiser for the WorkShop Theater Company. Sangria was served by Lidia Ornero from Barcelona who nailed the part of Christina. If offered, I highly recommend this chance to meet the cast.

So if you can’t get to Tarragona, Spain anytime soon, you may enjoy this production as a way to escape from your own job.
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Play sports with the locals – International travel tip

When you travel abroad, it can be hard to meet locals, especially if you don’t know the language. But if you play a sport — soccer, swimming, football, even ultimate frisbee — then you have a head start.

Before you go, search the internet for a tournament or scheduled practice. Chances are you’ll find a welcoming crowd, whether you’re traveling to Bogata, Prague, or Morocco. Join a friendly game of soccer. Show up for a master’s swim practice. Find a frisbee tournament in the town you’re visiting. Almost every large city internationally has a Hash House Harriers club. Jumping in will give you a workout — and an instant link to local culture.

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Photo of the Day (11/29/06)

Look at that face!! Is it just me or is there something about this guy that makes you want to pinch those make-up covered cheeks? Okay, well maybe the face is even a little strange and scary. I know someone out there is freaked out by the happy looking performer’s odd smile. According to lecerle’s notes this particular theater artist is playing Hanuman at the Ram Leela at Cross Maiden, Mumbai. Not exactly sure what that whole event is about, but the photo is definitely cool. Good people shot!

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