Five Things You Can Do On Earth Day To Save Natural Resources

Earth Day is upon us, and even if you’re not planning to celebrate our planet’s making it through another year (what global warming?), there are still some simple measures you can take to show your gratitude. Love your Mother, you know?

Whether you’re on the road or at home, the following are smart rules to implement every day of the year:

  • Do laundry at night, after peak electricity usage hours and only wash full loads.
  • Use a travel mug when you purchase your morning coffee and carry a reusble water bottle.
  • Stash reusable shopping bags in your car, purse or backpack and desk.
  • Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth, washing your face, doing dishes or shaving.
  • Switch to e-tickets, e-pay, and other paperless forms of commerce; add your name to no junk mail and catalog lists.

[Photo credit: Flickr user kevin dooley]

Gear review: Hydros water bottle

A Gadling reader responded to my earlier 3 Innovative Reusable Water Bottles round-up by suggesting that I check out the Hydros water bottle. Here’s how this reusable bottle measures up.

This hefty water bottle is no lightweight. When comparing empty containers, the Hydros easily feels twice as heavy as the Bobble that I tested. That said, this BPA-free bottle is something that I could see keeping around much longer because it feels more like a mini Brita than a typical water bottle. In fact, unlike the Bobble’s built-in filter that cleans as you drink, the Hydros design resembles a Brita filter — you pour water directly through the filtering device first. To drink, the Hydros resembles a Sigg or Nalgene bottle in that you have to unscrew the lid and sip from the mouth of the bottle. When screwed tightly, flipped upside down, and shaken vigorously, not a single drop escaped.

Due to its bulkiness, however, the 24 oz. Hydros seems better suited to road trips or vacations that don’t stray from more than one location (a weeklong vacation rental could be ideal). For times when you’re on the go, there are better reusable water bottles on the market. But for trips where you can leave the water bottle in the car or in the fridge, the Hydros is worth considering.

Price: $29.99; replacement filters are $6.99 each. Add $4.99 for shipping.

Where to Buy: The Hydros, which debuted in February, is currently only available from