Venice Is Overrated

While everyone should see Venice at least once, I don’t understand why people find it romantic. I mean, the place is packed with tourists! You can’t be left alone for two seconds before you are either a) in someone’s picture, or b) being asked to take a picture of someone.

The population of Venice has been cut in half in the last 40 years and if the trend continues, there will be no residents of Venice left by 2030. The local color is dissapearing to make space for more tourist buses. I came to the conclusion that Venice must be romantic for the same people who like to proclaim their love for each other in public (i.e., marriage proposals at baseball games.)

I started thinking about Venice when reading the MSN’s 10 Romantic Escapes tips with number 10 featuring, you guessed it, Venice. Bora-Bora, Paris and Dubrovnik, other contenders, I can live with. The sub headline “Our favorite romantic escapes are guaranteed to rekindle a long-standing love, or kick a new one up a notch, all year long”, however, sounds too good to be true. If the relationship lacks romance, even Bora-Bora can be Boring-Boring.