Yesterday, I asked the question whether spending a year traveling
before going to college was a good idea — and so far, the answer has been an overwhelming "yes."  So if
you’re planning such a journey (or know someone who is), be sure to check out — a website with ideas to suit every traveller, "from gappers to
graduates to globe-trotting grannies."

The site is chock-full of ideas to help sustain extended life on
the road, including teaching English in Thailand, to learning Swahili, to attending a floating university, while
studying on a cruise ship while visiting destination after destination.  If you (or your high school graduate) are
planning any sort of extended holiday, I wouldn’t leave home without it.

Sabbaticals and Gap Years

Thinking of taking some time off
to see the world?  In England (and many other parts of the world), it’s almost for traditional for students to
take a "gap year" — the year between high school and university — to travel.  Now, however, more and
more older people are taking sabbaticals from their work anywhere from a month to a year — to spend some time

If you are thinking of taking some time off from work, the BBC has a great website to help you plan your
.  The page for "grown-up gappers" has a case story, sample itineraries (depending on how much
you’d like to spend), and tools to help you determine your travel budget, and information to help you choose where to
go.  A great resource.