How Much Would You Pay to Fly in a Kid-Free ‘Quiet Zone?’

Would you pay to fly without children? Singapore-based budget carrier Scoot thinks passengers will fork over some extra cash in order to sit in a special “quiet zone” where there are no babies on board. For about $14.50 extra, passengers will find themselves in the 41-seat adults-only area, which spans rows 21 to 25 of the fleet’s aircraft.

But sitting outside of earshot of children under 12 isn’t the only benefit. This area also has more legroom than other sections of the plane and a 35-inch seat pitch — about four more inches than in regular economy seats. More room and less noise? This might be a fee that’s actually worth some extra cash.

Last year, Malaysia Airlines banned infants from some first-class planes after receiving complaints about noisy children. Meg Nesterov, Gadling’s resident baby travel expert and Knocked Up Abroad columnist, weighed in on the issue.