Divester’s First-Ever Photo Contest!!!

Hey all! Our sister site Divester is having their first-ever photo contest and to establish who’s got the best underwater snapshot they’re asking the masses to vote. After receiving over 1,200 entries in the Divester Flickr pool they somehow managed to narrow it down to 10 very diverse and amazing water works. (Good job!) The winner of this contest will get a complimentary issue of Diving the World and the satisfaction of knowing they’re better than all the rest on Divester! Voting ends on Thursday, August 10, 2006 at midnight. Go vote now!

Just on a personal note: It seriously took me quite a while to place my vote. I was stumped. So many incredible shots, but there can only be one winner… Gah! Seeing I’m the biggest non-diver I know I really wanted to vote for the shot you see to the right here taken by Brad77. Looking at this picture makes me wish I too were an deep water adventurer exploring ocean caves, corals, schools of fish and I’ll pass on the shark encounters. While this piece added a lot to my imagination I still wasn’t sold. There are nine others to choose from. What was my final decision? I guess we’ll know once voting has come to a close. Maybe I went with it anyway.