The birthplace of kung fu kicking off online store

If you are planning a trip to China, cancel it.

You can do it all on-line now. Yes, that’s right, the birthplace of kung fu, the famous Shaolin Temple, is going on-line.

And, karate (oops, kung fu) fans, they’ll have it all: performances, video, and a reality-TV-style search for the next “Grasshopper.”

Named “Shaolin, The Stage of Joy,” a Web page has been set up by a unit of the temple on the popular Chinese e-commerce site, and the gift shop is open, including shoes, tea, T-shirts, and slippers.

Ancient secrets revealed…in the kung fu instruction manual for 9,999 yuan ($1,456). Or just buy your “environmentally friendly” chopsticks for 29 yuan.

The temple came under fire in 2006 after a monk got a luxury car for helping out the local tourism industry, which forms a bulk of the city’s revenues…Oops.

(For those of you who are easily offended, I am just kidding. You should still go and see China. Especially since you know how savvy those monks are nowadays!)