Free Visa Entry In Exchange for US Missile Shield in Europe?

The Czech Republic is one of 13 countries trying to renegotiate its visa-requirement for traveling to the US. Currently, Americans do not need visa when traveling to the C.R. but Czechs do when traveling to the US. The unfair visa requirement is a source of much bitterness toward Americans in those countries.

Now, Czechs have a new negotiation tool on their hands. The US wants to build an anti-missile shield in Europe — interceptor missiles in Poland and a radar station in the Czech Republic–allegedly to defend the US and Europe from possible missiles from North Korea and Iran. Both CR and Poland are reluctant to agree to this because they are afraid of becoming terrorist targets. Recent polls in the Czech Republic show that 60-70% of Czechs are against building of the base. It doesn’t help that Vladimir Putin has already threatened that he will aim missiles at them if the US builds the shield there.

This is not a NATO initiative; it’s purely a US defense initiative. Is it fair for Czech to demand a no-visa requirement in exchange for supporting the US defense policy?