The Sick Bag Clinic

I bought my carry-on bag at a flea market for $10 in early 2002. One of the wheels broke off about 6 months ago, so now the thing won’t stand properly: I have to lean it against the ticket counter or the side of the shuttle to get it to remain upright. In reality, I don’t really mind, but I guess I could always spring for a new bag. That…or I could send it to the Sick Bag Clinic.

The Sick Bag Clinic, as the name suggests, ministers to sick bags. Located in California, the Clinic caters to almost every brand of sick bag, assigns each a dedicated Case Worker, and attempts to complete each repair in under 48 hours. That’s better than some sick people clinics.

And in the sad, sad event that your bag can’t be cured from what’s ailing it? The Clinic also sells bags, so you can adopt a new one right away!

[Via TravelPost]