Woman in New Zealand attempts to hijack a plane

It is not often you hear about women trying to hijack planes, but I guess it was bound to happen with the closing gap of gender opportunities.

As reported by Herald Sun, a 33-year-old New Zealand woman of Somali descent boarded a 19-seat plane headed from Blenheim to Christchurch earlier today and about ten minutes after take-off she demanded to be flown to Australia. She rushed into the cockpit and stabbed one pilot in the hand and the other in the foot, claiming she was going to detonate the two bombs she brought on board. She was subdued by the co-pilot as the twin-propeller plane came in to land at Christchurch, and arrested after landing.

Passengers on regional flights in New Zealand apparently do not have their carry-on luggage screened. That’s why she was able to smuggle a knife on to the plane. No bombs were found.

I feel bad for pilots these days, I really do.