Test Your African Geography Knowledge with Statetris: Africa

Okay, we’ve got the original Testris-Geography mashup game called Statetris for the U.S., and then things got a bit tougher (for me) with the follow-up, Statetris: Europe. Now we’ve got new one: Statetris Africa. This one’s a doozy.

Africa is tough! I’m struggling to put countries like Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire in their correct places — and I was a Geography major in school! Problem is, even if you know where these countries are physically located, they may not be facing the correct way in the game. Just like in real Tetris, you’ve got to rotate the falling countries until they’re correctly orientated. [via]

Test Your European Geography Knowledge with Statetris-Europe

Remember Statetris, the Geography-Tetris mash-up game that tests your skill at placing states in their correct location? If you’re more comfortable with European countries, this is for you: Statetris-Europe. Just like Tetris, multi-colored objects from the sky and it’s your job to organize them correctly. Only the objects in Statetris-Europe are countries, and you have to place them in the correct location before they fall off the screen. This can be pretty tough, especially on the “hard” setting, where the name of the country is kept secret. Fun! [via]

Test Your US Geography Knowledge with Statetris

I ran across this game over at our sister blog Download Squad — it’s called Statetris (States + Tetris = Statetris). It’s just like Tetris, only the colorful blocks that fall from the sky have been replaced with states. This is actually a bit harder than it looks, especially when the East Coast states like New Hampshire and Vermont and Rhode Island start to fall. Plus, the states don’t always fall facing the correct way. Sometimes you have to hit your keyboard’s up arrow to spin it around and make it fit, just like in real Tetris.

Good luck.