Photo of the Day (11.30.10)

India is the seventh largest country by geographical area and with a population of 1.18 billion people, it’s the second most populous nation in the world. With such an immense concentration of people, unique languages, and religious practice, India has a well known reputation for being a little chaotic at times.

I love this photo for the symbolic dichotomy of chaos; masses of people on the streets and a frightening tangle of wire strung up in between crowded buildings. It’s almost as if the wires are delicately holding the buildings together as the crowd bustles, unaware. The photo was captured by Flickr user Trent Strohm in the crowded lanes of Old Delhi.

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Photo of the Day (7-29-09)

With Mykonos on my mind, after reading about the mezes at Kiki’s restaurant being among the best beach food there, Strudel Monkey’s lush, gorgeous shot of Paraportiani Church on the island seemed fitting. The quality of the tones of this photo capture the essence of what I hope to experience when I go here–a certain quiet calm and a sense of timelessness. Interestingly, I’ll be there about the same time of year that Strudel Monkey was three years ago.

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Photo of the Day (2-11-09)

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I searched for a photo that had something to do with love. When I typed in the word love to Gadling’s photo pool, this lovely homage to the color blue appeared. Hmmm. Let’s go with it. Love can be blue as in the song that goes, “Blue, blue my world is blue, blue is my world when I’m without you. . .”

In StrudelMonkey’s case, this glorious blue world of stone was found at the beach on the west coast of Ireland. Here’s an indication of how moving in close to the subject can make for an alluring image.

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The video is of Paul Mauriat and his orchestra playing the song “Love is Blue.”

Photo of the Day (04/28/08)

This shot reminded me of walking through the streets of China and having people staring at me and yelling ‘laowei’ (foreigner). I didn’t mind it. It was funny. I like villages, where the old folks still hang out outside–be it in China, Greece or Eastern Europe–and carefully examine everyone who is “not one of them.”

It seems that StrudelMonkey had a similar experience when he taking this shot in Suzhou-Dongshan, China earlier this month. I love it!

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