California man sets new record by surfing for 26-hours straight

Surfer Bill Laity earned himself a spot in the record books last weekend by setting a new endurance mark for the longest continuous surfing record. Laity, who lives in San Clemente, California, set the record off Huntington Beach, where he rode the waves for a very impressive 26-hours straight.

To make his historic ride Laity had to apply to the Guinness Book of World Records and obtain permits that would allow for night surfing. He started planning his attempt back in September after previous record holder Thomas Cannon managed to surf for 24-hours in a row back in August.

Before he even hit the water last Saturday Laity could tell he was going to be in for a challenge. Rain started to fall early that morning, and the National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning. That led to cold conditions while out on the waves and forced him to don a different wetsuit on his first break.

The Guinness Book allows for a five minute breather for every hour surfed, and Laity went for 10 hours straight before heading into shore for the first time. During that break he put on a warmer suit, which set him up for another 12-hour stint on his board, which measured just five foot, seven inches in length. During his second break Laity managed to eat some lunch, then drag his weary body back out onto the water for four more hours of surfing.

Previous to this attempt, the longest that the 37-year old Laity had surfed was five-hours straight while visiting Hawaii.

[Photo credit: Brent Hilleman via The Swell Blog]

New Jersey surfers subject of new documentary film

The Jersey Shore has unfortunately become, for a variety of unsavory reasons, part of the American lexicon. One thing it’s not well-known for, however, is the surf.

Filmmaker Alex DePhillipo just released a surfing documentary, “Dark Fall,” which profiles the New Jersey surf scene, as well as some of the state’s top surfers-including former World Championship Tour qualifier and cancer survivor Dean Randazzo. Randazzo, a NJ native, is credited with “proving East Coast surfers are worthy contenders,” according to a recent CNN article. Randazzo, who battled Hodgkin’s lymphoma, also runs the non-profit Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation.

New Jersey produces a number of competitive surfers, as shown in “Dark Fall.” Winter weather is the true mark of a Jersey Shore surfer; the freezing temperatures require dedication, stamina, a full wetsuit, hood, gloves, and booties. Don’t expect to see “The Situation” out there.

[Photo credit: Flickr user mcwaffle89]

Gadlinks for Friday 9.25.09

Talk about good luck! I arrived home on Wednesday and promptly hit the water for a surf with my buddies. Then yesterday a decent southern swell came through and, more importantly, the first significant swell of the season also made its way to the North Shore. My excitement alone has me thinking and dreaming of waves. In honor of the great sport of surfing, here are some pretty sweet surf travel reads for you this Friday.

‘Til Monday, have a great weekend!

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