New Jersey surfers subject of new documentary film

The Jersey Shore has unfortunately become, for a variety of unsavory reasons, part of the American lexicon. One thing it’s not well-known for, however, is the surf.

Filmmaker Alex DePhillipo just released a surfing documentary, “Dark Fall,” which profiles the New Jersey surf scene, as well as some of the state’s top surfers-including former World Championship Tour qualifier and cancer survivor Dean Randazzo. Randazzo, a NJ native, is credited with “proving East Coast surfers are worthy contenders,” according to a recent CNN article. Randazzo, who battled Hodgkin’s lymphoma, also runs the non-profit Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation.

New Jersey produces a number of competitive surfers, as shown in “Dark Fall.” Winter weather is the true mark of a Jersey Shore surfer; the freezing temperatures require dedication, stamina, a full wetsuit, hood, gloves, and booties. Don’t expect to see “The Situation” out there.

[Photo credit: Flickr user mcwaffle89]