Flipbac – a mega useful camera accessory for spies and tourists alike

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the Flipbac.

The “Flipbac Angle Viewfinder and LCD Screen Protector for Digital Cameras” is a little mirror on a hinge that attaches easily to any digital camera to make it possible to “shoot from the hip,” as they say. Snapped shut, it looks nice and tidy, and protects your LCD screen from scratches, smudging, and lipstick from your purse.

This reminds me of the kinds of toys I had for playing “spy” as a kid, only it’s for grownups, it’s useful, and it’s totally respectable-looking. You can use the FlipBac to take photos from the ground or around a corner, and if you hold your camera upside down, the Flipbac enables you to take photos from high overhead! Useful in airport bathrooms. Wait … no. Forget that.

You could get this for your next vacation to Banff or your next trip to the pub. It would also make a good gift, especially for someone who’s about to travel somewhere (and has an LCD display camera – most are compatible, list here). It’s only $19.99 and $5 shipping to anywhere in the US. Get one for me here.