The Ditty Bops Bike Tour

My love for cross-country traveling, road cycling, and trip blogging all meet in Venn diagram heaven at The Ditty Bops Bike Tour blog. The Ditty Bops, a musical duo from California, biked over 4,500 miles from Los Angeles to New York City last summer. The trip began with the release of their sophomore album Moon Over the Freeway. The two band members, Abby DeWald and Amanda Barrett, played shows as weaved their way across the country.

Of course, as many travelers do these days, these wanderers blogged about their experiences on the road. There’s the standard travel blog fare of tourist trap photos and early morning sunrises, but Abby interjected with a comic strip called Rumble Strips. These cartoons add a humorous look at the travails of seeing the country by bike. (Included in the strip are such villains as selfish drivers, uphill rides, and musician Seal.)

The trip ended last September, but the blog is still worth a look. If you’re interested in hearing their up-beat mix of folk, bluegrass, swing, and jazz, you can listen to free recordings of their live shows at the Internet Archive. I recommend two songs from their first album The Ditty Bops: Wishful Thinking and Walk or Ride.