Travel Insurance for the Over-65

The UK’s The Independent recently reported a surprising fact: most travel insurance policies–at least in the UK–exclude claims from those above 75 years of age, and fully one third exclude claims from those above 65.

The reasons for travel insurance are obvious: replacement of lost/stolen luggage, trip cancellations, but, most importantly, medical treatment abroad. The latter reason becomes more pressing for those with greater health concerns.

Understandably, travel insurance rates for those who might have medical problems are higher. Another surprise out of the article, however, was that, in their survey, the rates for those above 65 were often double or more than for people under 65. Above the age of 70, rates got as high as three times higher. And that’s only if the policies didn’t outright exclude those in higher age categories.

I’m not sure of the applicability of these findings to policies sold in the U.S., but a word to the wise is warranted. Read your travel insurance policy carefully. If anyone has had experience with travel medical policies they can share, please do.