Skunk Seeks Roadtrip Partner

A California skunk found itself 2,200 miles from home after it was accidentally loaded onto a trunk bound for a Toronto suburb. The skunk survived the harrowing, seven-day trip, but it was dehydrated and a little worse for wear. The Toronto Wildlife Center was given guardianship of the furry creature, and they have been nursing it back to health since 5 January.

Now, here’s the interesting part of the story. The skunk cannot be let loose into the wilds of Canada because it would most likely not survive attacks from territorial gangs of Canadian skunks. (This is the same reason why I don’t want to wander Ontario alone.) Airlines usually transport displaced beasts back to their original locales for animal groups, but none want to stow this scared, stink machine in a cargo bay.

So, the Toronto Wildlife Center has issued a call for help on behalf of the skunk. The group is looking for someone to drive the stranded animal back to Southern California from Toronto. If you want to help out the poor thing, you can contact Toronto Wildlife Center at 1-416-631-0662. This might be your chance to relive that cross-country, college roadtrip you keep talking about. This time your road companion might smell a little worse, but it will probably talk a lot less.