Photo of the Day (7.13.10)

The Pantheon in Rome is an unmistakable icon and marvel of engineering, construction, and design. Almost two thousand years after being built, it is still the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world. The name “Pantheon” is speculated to originate from the many statues of gods placed in the building, or from the resemblance of the dome to the heavens.

Today’s Photo of the Day, from Flickr user tysonwilliams really puts the overwhelming geometry and scale of the dome’s ceiling into perspective – thanks to good use of light, shadow, and a little creative post-processing.

This week, Travel Talk is headed to Rome – and we’ll be sharing all of our favorites in Italy’s capital. Tune in to see all of the ancient Roman attractions as well as a few lesser known spots & surprises…

Photo of the Day (08/11/08)

The reflection in the water is simply stunning. At first glance, it has a Taj Mahal feel about it.

It is in Barcelona though. is the photographer and Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya is the subject.

I think I almost like it better in its original black and white version. It is less dramatic, but looks more authentic. What do you think?

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Photo of the Day (06/02/08)

Today’s Photo of the Day comes from Flickr user He calls it: “Chimneys, Casa Milà, Barcelona, Spain” and after researching a bit, I discovered that it’s a Gaudi designed building that is now a World Heritage site and it’s obviously most famous for the quite spectacular roof and chimneys.

I’m not sure if he used a filter, or if he warmed it up digitally, but either way, it’s amazing. Oh, and just in case someone suspects I’m losing interest in aviation themed pictures for the Photo of the Day, note the tiny contrail of a jet in the middle of the picture.

Nicely done, Tyson!

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Photo of the day (02/04/08)

Whenever I travel, I always come back with a few door pictures. I don’t know what it is about doors that I find so fascinating. I would get into some metaphysical thing about spaces behind closed doors, but I will spare you.

This is a photo by tysonwilliams, taken in Buenos Aires. I like the kitschy yellow job on the door. I never know how these things are done. Do you first make the photo black & white, then color the door yellow? Or, do you start with a color photo and make everything–but for the door–black & white?

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