Photo of the Day (11.9.10)

If you live in New York City, it would have been hard not to notice a certain spectacle taking place over the weekend.

On Sunday, November 7th, a record 45,344 runners turned out to compete in New York’s 41st annual marathon; the largest and most widely spectated marathon in the world. An average of two million people line the streets every year to cheer on runners from around the world in the 26.2 mile journey through all five boroughs of the city. Even Chilean miner Edison Peña accepted a special invitation to compete in the race, finishing in 5 hours and 40 minutes; a course time that’s perfectly acceptable after spending 69 days underground.

Today’s Photo of the Day is a frame from the 2006 NYC Marathon, taken by Flickr user (and PotD regular) Clay Williams on the streets of Brooklyn. I think this image is a great illustration of the intersection of culture that inevitably occurs when thousands of people from around the world run through the streets of one of most diverse cities in the world.

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Photo of the Day (10.13.09)

Today’s photo of the day comes from contributor ultraclay! For me, this photo brings a great deal of warmth as a reminder that not all rainy days have to be gloomy. With autumn settling into full swing for many of you out there, heavier rain is coming – so try grabbing an umbrella and a friend, and head a local market or a cozy coffee shop to pass the afternoon.

The photo was taken in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York – an area known for its cultural institutions, including the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Music School, The Paul Robeson Theater, The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts.

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Photo of the Day (10-1-09)

Ultraclay! has been a frequent contributor to Gadling’s photo of the day. In fact, he’s probably in the top five that we’ve chosen. (He’d likely be number one if he’d just make sure his stunning pics were at least 580 pixels wide).

Well, I couldn’t resist this picture for today’s photo of the day. It looks like Clay is contributing to Heather Poole’s Laviator club (we’ve all submitted ours, have you?). So it’s nice to finally put the face to the name that’s been so often featured here. It looks like he’s either in a regional jet or Clay is 6′ 6″ tall.

Way to go, Ultraclay! The perfect shot for today’s Photo of the day.

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Photo of the Day: 07/21/08

I know what you are thinking. It’s not a very summery photo I picked. that’s exactly why. As I’m sitting here, sweating my butt off, this photo actually looks blissful.

Ultraclay! took this picture on Champs-Elysees in Paris, presumably in the winter. I love that the statue looks like it could be a real person, walking against the wind and snow. You could almost picture the Battle of Stalingrad this way.

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