Video Of The Day: 10 Days In Thailand

Ten Days in Thailand” from fredparis11 on Vimeo.

This video of Thailand is gorgeous. Chronicling ten days spent in the country, filmmaker Fred Albrecht captures his moments spent in Thailand with precise beauty. It seems as though each shot could suffice as a telling photo on its own – a characteristic that truly distinguishes the best films from the rest. If you need a relaxing break from your day, take a moment to watch the scenes in this video unfold.

Video: Climbing In Thailand

Unbeknownst to me prior to today, Eddie Bauer has a Vimeo channel complete with impressive adventure videos – including climbing shots. I happened upon the above video, which features climbers scaling walls in Thailand. The rock is jagged, steep and bolts out of the ocean. Oceanside climbing seems to be a bonus for these climbers, though. Part of this video shows the climbers falling, intentionally or unintentionally, into the teal waters beneath their climbing spots. I’m a little bit ashamed to say that I haven’t tried rock climbing yet. There are many purportedly excellent climbing locations in and around Austin. After watching this video, I think I’ll have to try it out. Next stop: Thailand!