Making Sense of Budget Airlines

Everyone talks about how great (or terrible, depending on who you ask) the budget airlines are but who has the time to figure out who flies where? Only in Europe there were about 200 budget airlines at one point–EasyJet, RyanAir, SkyEurope, GermanWings…–every country now appears to have a few.

I was just searching for some good deals on flights from Prague to Portugal and my friend suggested I try, a site designed to help you determine which airlines fly to a particular destination. It is not limited to Europe, either. They cover 125 countries. Very helpful, I think.

So, I was able to find that flies cheaply from Prague to Faro, Portugal but they don’t fly the dates I need to fly. Gotta love budget airlines! It seems they are only worth it if you are completely flexible.

(Although last week, I booked a ticket from Prague to Athens on for $40 one-way. So I shouldn’t be complaining too much.)

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