Most Expensive ZIP Codes in the US

Surprisingly enough, the top five priciest areas of the country in terms of property values are not in Manhattan or Beverly Hills. According to, they are in Alpine, NJ and Miami Beach, FL. Median home sale price? $3.4 million.

Honestly, if I had $3.4 million to spend on a house, I think I would just live in hotels. A different one every month to spice it up a little.

Here are the Top 5 Most Expensive ZIP Codes in the US:

  1. Alpine, NJ 07620 and Miami Beach, FL 33109 (tie)
  2. Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067
  3. Glenbrook, NV 89413
  4. Amangansett, NY 11930

Although, to be fair to California, 291 of the top 500 priciest ZIP codes are in CA.