LA From a Local’s Perspective

Being from LA, I always bristle at people who dis my home city. Yet, I have to say I bash it a bit myself. I mean, it’s great and all: the amazing weather, the beaches (don’t even get me started on the beaches!) but when you add up the traffic, the smog, the Hollywood culture…there are other places I’d rather be.

So while I have my own reasons for not wanting to go back and live there, it always irritates me when people criticize it as a place where there’s nothing to do, when they say that they went to Disneyland or Hollywood and Vine and found LA wanting.

So it was nice to read an article in the CSM by a local who offers some of the great places in LA that the average visitor might not catch. Places like the Museum of Art, Thai Town, Little Ethiopia and so on. The fact is, culturally, Los Angeles is a rich and textured place…probably more so than most other big cities that lay claim to being culturally rich. Even if I don’t want to live there, I still have a place for it in my heart.